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Crorepati Mastermind 5.0 program

What is Crorepati Mastermind 5.0 all about?

This program focuses on understanding and clearing the various myths about earning money:

✅. Changing your belief systems about money which are been developed since your childhood like Money doesn’t grow in trees and so on..
✅. You can become rich without doing any illegal business.
✅. You can become rich easily.
✅. The right way of attracting money.
✅. Having a goal of becoming rich isn’t being greedy.
✅. You can also become like Ambani, Tata, Bill Gates, Shiv Nadar, Azim Premji and so on with the right mindset

You can earn abundance of money and you have the capability to become a Crorepati* and learn how to do that and how to have the right mindset in our Crorepati Mastermind 5.0 program

Registrations closing soon 💫✨


Q:  I am a house wife, can I join the Crorepati Mastermind 5.0 program?

A: Yes.. it's for Everyone who wants money and wants to attract Abundance.

Q.   What if I miss attending a session.?

A: No issues, you can see it's recording using user id and password that you would get.  And, if you have any questions after watching the recording, you can ask me and I would guide.

Q. Sir, I don't understand English so much?

A. Don't worry.. I would explain everything in Hindi and English both.


Q. Do we need to do meditation daily?

A. No.. this program is not about Meditation.

Q.  Would this program help me with my Health or relationship issues also??

A. Ofcourse Yes... you would see Abundance in many aspects of your Life.

Q. Sir, do I need to pay double if my spouse also wants to attend?

A. No... you can login through one device but your entire family can attend and all of them are allowed to ask questions. So in one ticket,  you are getting family access.

Q. Is this program same as your Financial Super Success training?

A.  No, Financial Super Success training is available for Rs. 9,999/- and it is completely focused on creating your Personal Financial plan..

Login link (Access link) for Crorepati Participants
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