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The Most Magical Conversation

Magical: Wow 🤩 Look at those waves on the beach... With every wave coming towards me, I feel so excited..I get to jump... And sometimes the waves also bring beautiful shells with them.

Worried: But Sir, these waves go away every time and even take away the sand from below your feet.

Magical: When the wave goes, I know it has taken away the worries from my Life and is again going to come back to give me some new shells and an opportunity for another happy jump.

Worried: Anyways, it's going to be night now and you won't be able to enjoy your jumps and shells.

Magical : Yes, it's going to be night now and it's time for me to give rest to my body.. So that I can come again tomorrow morning to enjoy the beauty of these waves. How can you forget that there would always be a day after a night?

Worried : But the night is so long.

Magical : It seems long when you stay awake whole night waiting for the morning. I prefer using that time for healing my body and relaxing my mind.

Worried: With so many problems in Life, how can I relax my mind? Isn't it natural to worry about them? Magical : No, it isn't... Growing is natural... Moving ahead is natural.. When a stream is confronted by a rock, it can't sit there worrying.. It moves ahead even if it requires to move around the rock. Whenever you are faced with challenges, you have 2 choices, Feel Low or Just Grow. What is your choice? Please post your choice in comment section

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